About this Site

As mentioned on the “About Me” page, shortly after I retired in 2007, I started writing down my thoughts, observations and comments on just about everything.  It’s what old people do, they comment on everything.  I just wrote mine down so I could remember them.  Now that I’ve set up this website (I won’t call it a Blog, I dislike that term) I plan on posting my words of wit and wisdom here.  Some of these pieces are ready to post, some need to be neatened up and some need to be finished.  Since I started writing in 2007, some of this stuff is a little dated and no longer relevant.  Like my first piece – The Obama Air Force; no longer relevant, but I still like it.

After 30 years of service, a lot of military terms, abbreviations and acronyms are ingrained in my mind and come out when I write.  I’ll try to keep these to a minimum so those that didn’t serve can understand what I am saying.

I receive a lot of good stuff via email.  If it is worthy of being shared, I’ll post it with an annotation that it’s not mine and give credit to the original author if known.  Or at least who forwarded it to me.  If it’s a factual or historical piece, I’ll attempt to verify the information before posting.  Opinion pieces are just that, opinions and everybody is entitled to theirs, no matter how wrong it is.

I’m not a very funny guy, but every now and then I receive things that make me laugh.  I’ll pass them on too.

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