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Updated:  21 August 2016

August 2016

How Many Guns Fit in a 48 Gun Safe? – Depends on what kind they are, of course.

Why Ban Guns Rarely Used in Crimes? – Ban the weapon least used in crimes – Rifles.

July 2016

Split Second, Life or Death Decisions – It only takes half a second to be dead.

June 2016

“I want to Take Your Guns” – Hillary DOES want to take your guns.

Assault Weapon Ban of 2015 – Assault Weapon Bans don’t Ban Assault Weapons

May 2016

Improving the Background Check System – Bipartisan attempt to do just this fails.

Universal Background Checks – The Truth – What’s hidden in the plan.

March 2016

Stun Guns and Tasers – Stun guns and Tasers ARE protected by the 2nd Amendment.

February 2016:

Hold on There Bernie! – When the effects of Socialism hit Bernie, he ain’t happy.

Arming School Teachers – Surprise!  Utah has been doing it for 16 years.

National Debt Passes $19 trillion – Pretty much say’s it all doesn’t it.

January 2016:

Stupid is as Stupid Says – It’s a deterrent; except for these 2 million times.

The NICS System – Once again, Obama is all talk and no action.

The Insane Process to Own a Gun in DC – Yeah, this is really going to reduce crime.

Inconvenient Gun Facts  – Liberals attack Liberals when they don’t toe the line on guns.

Small Time Dealers – Obama wants to undo 8 years of Bill Clinton’s gun control efforts.

Hillary Declassified – Is she to stupid to be President or just a criminal?

Higher Education – It’s not as high as you think it is.

Attention Muggers! – Virginia has made your chosen profession safer.

Gun Facts and Figures – Just some random gun facts and figures that support our cause.

You Have to Read This Report! – Obama’s own Justice Department disagrees with him.

Executive Orders – Do they really do anything?


And There It Is! – Liberals propose the failed Clinton Assault Weapon Ban, again.

Thank God for Hunters – Without hunters, there wouldn’t be anything to hunt. –

California Gun Laws – They don’t work so let’s try them for the whole country!

Bullet Button – Another Liberal gimmick designed to make you safer that doesn’t work

Gun Control for Terrorists – Yeah, this will work because terrorists are so law abiding.


The 40% Background Check Lie – Yep!  It’s a lie.  Are you surprised?

The Evil Koch Brothers – Is money the measure of evil in politics?

Justice Achieved or Justice Denied? – A guilty verdict does not mean justices was done.

Debunking Liberal Gun Facts – You’re not entitled to your own facts.

Things we need to teach in High School But Don’t – Self-explanatory, isn’t it.

Ten Round Magazines – Will limiting magazine capacity really make a difference?

Stargate SG-1 and Terrorism – How do you defeat an evil whose name shall not be spoken?

People Who Don’t Like Guns…… – Like them a lot more when used to protect themselves.

A Duty to Carry Concealed? – Do we have a duty to our loved ones to carry concealed?

Know Your Facts Before Speaking – It keeps you from looking stupid.

Our Education System – We need to do something cause what we’re doing ain’t working.

LEO’s Miss 70 – 80 Percent of Shots Fired – Being a cop don’t make you a good shot.

Firearms Straw Purchasers – The laws are there, just enforce them

Brazil Eyes Gun Law Reform – Brazil takes on realistic gun control reform


More School Chicanery – Transparency is more important than ever.

Zuckerberg’s Millions to Newark Schools – Show me the money!

Questions for Hillary – Questions I’d like to ask The Hillary.

The Other Gun Loophole – But this one is State sponsored so it must be okay!

Droughts: Global Warming or Nature? – There’s always been droughts, right?

Illegal Guns? What Are They? – There are no bad guns, just bad people.


Is There a Liberal War on Women? – Are women unable to protect themselves?

Dissecting a Gun Control Rant – Confronting a rant with facts, figures and common sense.

The Keychain – Where is it a felony to have a single round of ammo in your pocket?

A Crime of Location – Cross the State Line and you’ve committed a crime.

What is a Mass Shooting? – Why the definition is what it is.

Economics 101 – Maybe being rich isn’t as evil as we thought it was.

The War on Carbon Dioxide – It’s easier to fight an invisible gas than real evil.

My 9mm AR15 Project – After six months, one of my pet projects is finished.  And it works.


Don’t Like Your Results? – If your numbers don’t prove your point, just change them.

A Tale of Two Shootings – The difference?  In the second shooting, the victim was armed.

$70,000 Minimum Wage Fails! – Equal pay for unequal work


Changed My Mind – Second Amendment doesn’t give us the right to be armed.

Louisiana Theater Shooting – Enforce the laws we have, not add more to not enforce.

More Laws for the Lawless – The lawless don’t obey the law, so more laws will not work.

A Modern Fable: Taxing the Rich – Explaining how the tax systems really works.

Figures Don’t Lie…… – But liars can figure:  Choosing your data to get the results you want.

Have the Equipment? You’re Guilty! – Having the tools to be evil doesn’t make you evil.

Mass Shootings: Just a U.S. Thing? – Saying it only happens here is not true.

Concealed Carry Info – Facts (real facts) about concealed carry.

Gun Law Fails, Again – Gun law keeps woman from bringing a gun to a knife fight.

Fry Cook – $15 an hour to dunk fries in hot grease?

Founding Fathers – What they meant for the Second Amendment to protect.

Secure the Southern Border for Free – Well, not free, but on the cheap.

Liberal Logic – Brief statements showing fallacies and contradictions in Liberal thinking.

Female Armed Citizens – Females can defend themselves if properly equipped.


Military Base Active Shooters – Common sense against active shooters on military bases.

Areas of Agreement – Some gun control groups get it right, kind of.

Charleston Church Shooting – What law would have prevented this tragedy?


Snakes! – What did a snake teach me about concealed carry?

Out of Town on the Government Dime – Some employees just deserve better, right?

Don’t Roll Your Eyes at Me! – Different standards for different government agencies

Paying Your Taxes Isn’t Always Easy – Just one form can push you over the edge

The Disaster that is the IRS – Facts about the IRS and a suggestion

Earned Income Tax Credit – Money for nothing and chicks for free, well, not chicks

If Chelsea Clinton worked for the State Department – What would have happened

Religious Freedom Protection Acts – Trying to understand what all of the flap is about


2nd Amendment Reason for Being – The other reason we have a 2nd Amendment

A Question for Hillary – Will she hide behind the “War on Women” shield?

Hero of Mall Shooting – A very under-reported story of a good guy with a gun

Lead by Example – How our Government should operate as opposed to how it does

Gun Control Gone Bad – How gun control in England makes homeowners the bad guy

The Ventriloquist – A little military humor (unless you’re a 2nd Lieutenant)

The World is Safer ?? – State Department’s own facts do not support Kerry’s statement

ObamaCare Success ?? – Since when is 7% participation a success?

Hillary:  Innocent Until Otherwise Proven – If we give Hillary the benefit of the doubt

Update:  State Department SOP – Now we know where the evidence went

A World Without Guns – Would we really be better off returning to a less safe time?

Ending Violent Situations –  Is there a better way?

I Like Numbers – Comparing the Reagan National Debt increase to the Obama increase

The Alternative to Oil Pipelines – Is this the perferred method of moving oil around

Safety From Evil – It’s your responsibility because you may be the only one there

You Didn’t Build That – And the government didn’t earn the money to build roads either


(Some) Black Lives Matter – A closer look

The Real Tragedy of No ID – People with no ID have bigger problems than “can’t vote”

Free Flights for Terrorists – Don’t jail them, give them a free ride to the battlefield

Moving to Detroit – It’s a joke, but could be true

Foreign Aid – We give foreign aid to the whole world, even our enemies

I Think, Therefore It Is – How Liberals research issues, facts not necessary

Who Plays the Race Card? – Who really does use the Race Card

More Stupidity from Moore – Proof that sometimes your opinion doesn’t matter

You Are Responsible – Supreme Court rules Police do not have a duty to protect you

Wasp Spray for Home Protection – Major home defense fail

State Department SOP – Is there an email trail of the Benghazi attack

Registration Myth – Proof gun registration doesn’t work

Minimum Wage – Will $15 an hour make things great

American Sniper – My thoughts on the movie

The Armed Citizen – Proof self-protection works

Death Penalty – France should re-institute the death penalty

Holstered Guns – If it’s in a holster, don’t worry

Darwin Awards – Recognizing stupidity

The Obama Air Force – How to solve the energy problem

Stupid Firearms Regulations – Self-explanatory


McLintock – What government “help” really does to those that accept it

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