About Me

I’m a retired Sergeant Major with 30 years’ service.  I spent half my career in the Military Police Corps and the other half in Armor as a M1 Abrams Master Gunner and Operations Sergeant.  I retired in 2007 and now spend my time spoiling grandkids and keeping up the house and yard.  I’m a staunch supporter of the American Military, the 2nd Amendment and Conservative political views.

Early on in retirement, I was spending too much time watching the news and yelling at the TV.  As a release, I started writing rebuttals to some of the incredibly stupid and inaccurate news reports I was seeing on TV as well as commenting on the latest government scandals.  Taking time in private to carefully craft a statement makes it very easy to later argue that point in public.  I was told by people (actually one person) that my arguments make sense and I should start a blog to share my ideas.  So here I am.

Thanks for stopping by.  Don’t be offended.

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